Dupe Eliminator

Dupe Eliminator 3.6

Remove duplicate and dead links from iTunes

Have you built a nice library of songs in iTunes but can’t get rid of the pesky duplicates or dead link files? Well then Dupe Eliminator is for you. With Dupe Eliminator you can use various criteria to determine what a duplicate is then quickly clean up your library.

You can also find and cleanup dead links and duplicate podcasts . Also there are other neat features like song search, sorting, syncing your iPod, viewing the iTunes Music store, and playing songs within Dupe Eliminator.

Dupe Eliminator


Dupe Eliminator 3.6

User reviews about Dupe Eliminator

  • mariannedavis

    by mariannedavis

    "Not free! Even trial version requires $25 purchase"

    This is NOT a free program in any way. Even the trial version won't allow you to do anything but see your iTunes dupl...   More.

  • tokai67

    by tokai67

    "Happy ITunes"

    Brilliant ; after hours of wasting my life trying to sort out my itunes library due to duplicates , library clashes ;...   More.